Custom Beaded Accessories


Deer hide box hat, bead work and sash accent, fit for medium sized 23 inches round inside, felt lined, waiting for first owner.


Medum sized bracelets, suede, beaded with floss, never break apart,. Order by mail, will deliver by post to your address. All work customized and delivery with happy face.


I usually have a number of bracelets over winter’s work. All types of colors with guaranteed workmanship by Anishinaabekwe.


I also have other types of bracelets, hats, and going to capes, over shoulder throws for those who want accessories to a gala event. Leave me a message.


A winter’s work and done with graciousness.


This is my current batch nestled in a satchel ready to go and make waves.


The nice lady says, Do you have purples?


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